Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, Monday

1) Good news! My cranky pants came off this morning! So now I'm running around pantsless - or am I?

2) I went on the Reno Wine Walk this weekend - my friends and I dressed up like witches. It's always a good time - and I lucked upon a good looking older gentleman who semi-flirted. Unfortunately for me, I lost track of him.

3) Homey's still got it.

4) Not sure what I've still got, though. It could just be a bad case of the "big head."

5) Snow, snow, snow and more snow. One of my co-workers got stuck in Truckee and can't get into work. Isn't it too early for snow?

6) I don't care what you say - it IS too early for snow.

7) Went for a walk along the Truckee yesterday. It's not the ocean, but it *is* relaxing.

8) Been loving baked sweet potatoes lately - nice and fall-like. Of course, I might have to switch to something else, seeing as it's winter and all.

9) Thank goodness I have my hot flashes to keep me warm.

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