Monday, June 11, 2012

Shhh... there's a life going on

Ack! My life has been awfully quiet lately.

I need some shakin' up. Or some belly shakin'. Or just a shake.

Speaking of, I haven't had a milk shake in years. Did you know my milkshake used to bring all the boys to my yard?

I digress...

Remember when I said there was a fix up on the horizon? Well, no one has called, and my date book is empty. What the frick happened to my horizon?

Watch out, Match dot com. I am coming for you... just as soon as I get my pension check.

I'm washing my sheets right now. That's the only action they've had in months.

Speaking of action, I worked out tonight. Then I had a glass of wine and bowl of potato chips. Won't Dr. Atkins be proud?

Okay, in one more minute I will be able to watch Emily look for love. I'll be back later to check on y'all. Smoochies!

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