Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pirate Poodle Lady

Picture this: a woman in her 60's, short cropped gray curly hair, an apple shape on top of skinny legs, a persistent smoker's hack, who uses her outside voice inside. All the time. And peppers it generously with aforementioned hacker's cough.

My teammate calls her "Pirate Poodle Lady" so I didn't know her name until today. When I found out her name, I sent the below to my teammate.

1) Pirate Poodle Lady’s real name is Kandi.

2) Kandi with a “K” and an “I” is a popular stripper’s name.

3) Pirate Poodle Lady is not a stripper.

4) Coughing is not allowed at Fantasy Girls.

5) Smoking is (or so I’ve heard).

I know he read it because I heard him giggling. And then he went to Fantasy Girls.

Or maybe he just went home. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow.

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