Monday, May 14, 2012

Good-Bye, Virgin

I've had a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone for about 10 years. They've always been pretty good about sending me an email to let me know I need to top-up, so imagine my surprise when I went to top up on Saturday, and discovered that I no longer had an account with them.

What? This can't be!

Apparently, though, it can be. And it was. It had been over 90 days since my last top up, so instead of notifying me like they always have in my ten year relationship with them, they canceled my phone number so I would have to upgrade to a higher cost account.

That, my friends, totally pissed this gal off.

Now I'm looking into other pay-as-you-go plans, and they really kind of stink. Virgin Mobile still might be the best deal out there - but they will not be rewarded for bad behavior - at least not with my money.

I think I'll be going with Tracfone. After spending the day researching what is available, it seems like Tracfone is the next best deal - and with two different packages, I can get double minutes for life. (I'm assuming that is the life of my phone - or perhaps the life of my account with them.) 

I don't use a cell phone except for emergencies - or for making that odd phone call from work. I basically paid Virgin Mobile $20 every 90 days just in case I needed to make an emergency phone call.

It seems kind of silly, but it did give me peace of mind knowing that I had the ability to make a call if I needed to.

For someone who doesn't use a cell phone, though, I have to admit I'm mesmerized by some of the choices available from Tracfone. They have some really nice options. I was going to get a plain old clam shell like I had - but for $5 more I can get a phone with a qwerty keyboard.

I don't text... but you know.... it might be nice to have the option!

See what I mean? I want to pay more for something I will probably never use - just like I rarely ever used my cell phone.

A girl does like to have options, though... which probably also explains all the shoes in my closet....

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