Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Back when I was Fab

Years and years ago I joined a group called The Postcard Fairies. This group spanned the globe, with fairies from all over sending "glitta" (a.k.a. postcards) to people in the group.

That's right: good old fashioned snail mail. Remember that?

At some point, the group's message board was moved to MSN, and we had this glorious chat feature. Many hours were spent chatting with one another, adding yet another layer to these global friendships. Someone suggested that we all meet, and from that idea The Postcard Fairy Frolic was born.

This three-day event took place in Minneapolis. The weekend was packed with events - from a pajama party to art workshops to a trip to the Mall of America to lunch on a boat. A bunch of us who only knew each other from snail mail and the occasional chat room conversation turned into real life friends.

Fast forward about ten years. A PCF Reunion group was added to Facebook, but was relatively quiet until this weekend. All of a sudden, there was a burst of activity - and someone posted pictures from the Frolic. The only reason I even knew this was because my friend Em tagged me in a few pics.

I clicked on the links - and wow, did those pictures bring back memories. Not just memories of the fun days of snail mail and new friends - but I saw how skinny and young I was. My hair was curly - my arms were lean and muscled.

I must have been with Mr. Kim then - but I can't remember if we were on our infamous break or not at the time of the Frolic.

What I wouldn't do to be able to go back in time to that weekend - to have that fun all over again in my slim, muscled body. To go back to my life in California and break it off for good with Mr. Kim - oh I wish I had not wasted my prime on him.

I think seeing those pictures made me more than nostalgic - seeing them made me a little sad. I don't think I knew how fabulous I was back then... I sure wish I did.

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