Friday, December 10, 2010

The Friday Five

1. I guess it must have something to do with the whole "Christmas is coming" thing, because I find myself REALLY missing my mom. A lot.

2. When blowing out candles tonight, my eyes focused on a picture of her that is one of my favorites. It's not even a particularly good picture, but I love it. I think I took it. It was some time after we had the sundeck built. I was on the patio, and my mom was on the sundeck. I know my brother was with me, but he's not in the picture. She is looking down at us, smiling and squinting in the sun. "Snap!" The picture shows her on the sundeck, and nothing but sky above her.

3. My mom loved to decorate for the holidays - all of them. Valentine's Day. St. Patrick's Day. Easter. Even New Year's. I can barely even muster putting up my tree - but I will do it.

4. Speaking of, last year my dad went all out and spent days putting up almost all of the decorations. He decorated the backyard patio. The dining room. The living room. The family room. He even remembered to put out some of the decorations my mom had specifically designated for the bathroom. It took him about a week or so. He did it for my mom. And also for me. This year, he said he's getting a tree, but that might be about it.

5. I totally get it. Mom, we miss you - and without you, just don't have the energy to go whole hog. We hope you understand.

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