Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hell To Pay

Let me ask you, single women of the world, would you REALLY want to carry on a conversation with someone nicknamed "Hell To Pay"? Doesn't that name just connote someone who is divorced, and spends all his spare time trying to get revenge on his ex-wife?

Well...that's what it sounds like to me, anyway.

I'm one of those chicks who signs into Acme Dating Service and forgets to sign out. So, last night while I was sound asleep, curled up with the dogs I'm house-sitting and my 16-year-old cat, some guy decided to message me. Instead of the usual niceties, the first line I see in the IM when I sit in front of my computer this morning is "What the hell is up with your blog?" (Speaking strictly of my Acme Dating Service blog, because you all know this blog rocks!)

The next well-written line was "Well?" That was followed by a "Never mind."

Never mind is right. Who wants to chat with an aging, combative, and obviously bitter man? Not me...and I'm imagining not many of you.

I am glad I wasn't in front of my computer when that friendly little missive was sent my way.
Fellas: let this be a lesson to you. If you really want to chat with a woman, try being nice. And if you really want to meet someone... I mean really... then try a neutral nickname.

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