Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight, what?

Today is my least favorite day of the year...the day daylight savings time begins. Why is it my least favorite? Because I lose an hour of damn sleep, and I don't get it back again until October. And for a girl who needs her beauty rest,

I am always cranky on the first day after turning the clocks forward. Today was no exception. However, the way I approached it was...I knew it was going to be a sucky day, so I prepared ahead of time.

I knew that Todd would be leaving on a jet airplane, so I planned to have a Pamela day. I haven't had one of those since August. In preparation, I made an appointment for a massage...something I haven't had in over a year. I planned to take a nice, long bath afterwards, lounging in bubbles while reading The Chili Queen. I had two movies to choose from for my evening.

The best laid plans...

I dropped hunky off at the airport, and thought "Hey, while I'm out I should run a few errands, so I don't have to do a dang thing after my massage." I got some groceries and other essentials, then I went home.

When I put the key in the door, I heard a man's voice. I froze. I thought someone had broken into the house. Then I heard the man's voice again, this time what he said was very clear "Well, Pamela's home, so I should get off the phone."

Yep. It was Todd.

I saw my alone time go up in a poof of smoke.

He was mad at me for not having my phone on while I was out and about. There was some mishap with the plane, so he ended up rescheduling for tomorrow. And, of course, when he called me, I was no where to be found.

Of course he wanted to do things with me, and I hated being a wench, but I just had to do it in order to preserve my sanity (or what little I have left). When he started going on about lunch, I said "You know, I have that massage appointment scheduled, and I was really looking forward to my first day alone in a month."

Thankfully, he didn't whine. Instead, he dialed up a girl friend (or girlfriend? I'm not sure which), and they went out for a pricey brunch at Rapscallions. I was mildly disappointed, but only because I haven't been there for brunch, and I understand it's quite the taste treat. I was actually more happy than disappointed, because now I could attack my pleasurable afternoon guilt-free.

I went for my massage, and even though I had made sure to schedule with a female, a male came into the waiting room, calling out my name and holding my chart. I really did not want a male's hands on me, and even though I know it's not in a sexual way or anything, the thought of having a male massage therapist catching glimpses of my cellulite and jelly rolls just made me squiggy. I was about to just go with it, though, until I thought "Uh uh. This is your day."

I went up to the young man and said, "Um, hi...are you going to be my massage therapist?" He said yes. I said "No offense, but I had asked for a female." He said no problem, and went to the front desk, and after some back and forth, they found a female massage therapist to take care of me.

I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing, but decided not to let it get in the way. I'm glad I spoke up, because the woman assigned to me gave the best massage ever. My back feels wonderful. She wasn't able to get out all the knots, though, but seriously, I spent a year accumulating those knots, and didn't expect she could massage them all away in 50 minutes.

When I got home, I drew a bath, using my special "Pamela Day" bath stuff. I had a book and water nearby, and about 15 minutes after getting into the tub, Todd came home. To his credit, he only came up to say "Hello," and skedaddled into his office so I could have some more alone time.

However, even though he's been pretty understanding, he is here, and well, there's just no ignoring him. Next weekend, I don't get any alone time either, so I'll have to wait two weeks before I get another weekend alone.

Another? I sound like I get them all the time...and I just don't. I thought this contract in Idaho would give me lots of time alone, but he's been home every weekend since he's been on this contract.

What does a girl need to do to get a little alone time? Do I have to wait until October, when I turn the clocks back an hour, and use that extra hour to sneak in some alone time...somewhere?

The way my life is, the answer is probably yes. Nothing ever goes as planned...

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