Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Notes

Yes, I know this is Saturday, but these are my notes about last night. What happened last night? I went to a Meetup titled "Journal While Exploring Your Journey."

I love the woman who hosted. She is fast becoming more of a friend and less of an acquaintance as time goes on. She's bubbly, energetic, and very friendly.

She thought the New Year would be a good time to start journaling, and wondered if there were any others that might want to as well, hence the meetup. While quite a few signed up for it, only four of us (and the hostess) were actually there.

The hostess had taped an interview Oprah did with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. I have to admit - I didn't read the book. I did see the movie, and those of you who read a much earlier review of it that I wrote KNOW I hated it. The movie seemed so self important to me. Still, I had to admit that this was one woman who made journaling work for her.

So, after a bit of mingling, we sat down to watch the taped interview. However, before the hostess could hit "play," Miss Know It All decided to talk all about her experience with Eat, Pray, Love.

"I'm a writer" she started out by saying. I did everything I could to prevent myself from rolling my eyes. "I have had several email conversations with Elizabeth Gilbert." Well, good for you. Can I have your autograph, please? "The movie glossed over her transformation. She was depressed, had issues, was seeing a therapist, and had been on all kinds of meds."

Well. I'd like to say something sarcastic here - I really would. However, this was good information to know - even if it did come spilling out of Miss Know It All's mouth.

And it just went on and on. Every time the hostess went to hit "play," Miss Know It All just had to throw some more of her inside scoop in. Finally, she took a breather, and the hostess was able to hit the play button before Miss Know It All could vomit out more tedia. (Tedious trivia - my own word, which will soon be copyrighted, bitches.)

The interview was interesting. Yes, I still think Elizabeth Gilbert is a tad bit of a blowhard. That might be jealousy speaking, and I'll freely admit it. I mean, wouldn't I just love to be on some publisher's dime to find myself? Of course I would. Yet, I also admit that she had some interesting tidbits to share about journaling, asking yourself the hard questions, and finding the courage to change your course in life.

However, during every single frickin' commercial break, Miss Know It All had to pipe in and add commentary. It was getting to be VERY, VERY irritating.

At least to me.

After the interview, we talked about the interview, how it relates to journaling, and we also talked about meditation. Of course, when I say "we" I really mean Miss Know It All and the broad her brought her.

At some point, the woman next to me said, "Is this boring you - you haven't said really said much since the interview started." Um, maybe because every time I started to talk, Miss Know It All cut me off? And she did - every single frickin' time I started a sentence, she talked over me. However, as it would not have been polite to say so, I took a bite of my cookie (again telling: Miss Know It All wouldn't touch the cookies) and said, "I'm really just listening - I learned a lot."

I have to admit, I did get some great ideas and will start journaling again. I even bought something I can use as a journal at Target - and it was even on clearance ($2! - it was probably made in China, but if you won't tell, neither will I).

Am I glad I went? Yes. But I hope to God I never run into Miss Know It All again. If I do, I'll stick a cookie in her mouth so she can't talk.

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