Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful, Wonderful, Magical Fall

I love the weather this time of year – and even more so this year, as we’re having “unusually high temps.” But, the “high” isn’t horrible – the highest was yesterday at 99 degrees. But 99 in the fall is much different than 99 in the summer, so it’s been really, REALLY pleasant.

The one part of fall that gets me down is the loss of light. Last night, it was dark by 7:30. As the light lessons, I feel the coming of winter.

The shortness of the winter days really gets to me. I find myself going to bed early, and feeling imprisoned by the darkness. I rarely venture out after the sun has gone down – and tear around like a mad woman on weekends to get all my errands done so I can be home before dark in the winter.

However, it’s not winter yet, and I have to admit I am loving fall.

I spend every spare moment I have outside, reading or just soaking up the rays. Sometimes I sit outside on my break, close my eyes, and delight in the sun.

A friend from work and I sometimes break together, but we’ve been having trouble coordinating our outdoor breaks – she yearns for the shade, I the sun. Sometimes we get lucky, and find a table with one chair in the shade (for her) and one in the sun (for me). But, that doesn’t happen until the afternoon – so my morning break has turned into my own, basking in the sun and dreading the winter.

It’s going to be an early winter – snow is already predicted for next week. Yes, alright, in the 8,000 elevation areas… but still, that’s close, and reminds me that winter will be here much too soon.

I’m not ready for it.

This summer went by really fast, and September blew past me like a race car driver. Where did it go? Was it really even here?

I hope October doesn’t go by as quickly.

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