Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have a date on Saturday night. It'll be my first date since my mom died. It's weird to me how life just goes on without her.

I'm really looking forward to this date, and not for the usual reasons. I can find every reason in the book NOT to like this guy. He's ten years older than me - I tend to like 'em around my age. He once told me he could never date me, because I'm a witch. He's a foot taller than me - I like 'em short.He's corny, and I prefer sarcasm.


I dunno. I sense he is a good man. He called several times this week while I was sick just to see if I needed anything. He actually wants to come pick me up for our date, you know, like how it used to happen in the good old days. And he made plans, but gave me veto power after saying, "Whatever you want. Always."

I dunno what might be going through your brain as you read this, but as for me, I think this bodes well for the future.

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