Thursday, July 05, 2007

Einie, Mienie, Miney, Mo...

After house hunting almost every night for two weeks, I believe I'm down to the final two. The problem? I love them both equally, for different reasons. I really don't love one more than the other, so it makes it very difficult to decide which house to make an offer on.

In the first corner, we have 21 Semillion. It's 1,024 square feet, and has two bedrooms, a cute little garden with a huge shed, new designer fixtures and mirrors installed in the bathrooms and hallways, brand new cabinets in the master bathroom and kitchen (beadboard). beautiful new linoleum in the bathrooms and kitchen. I believe it is currently owned by a witch, although I haven't had the nerve to ask her outright. She has painted "Blessed be" on the fence in the backyard - kind of a giveaway. But a Druid friend of mine said "Well, everyone says that these days, so you can't be sure."

But baby, I'm sure. It's just a feeling I get when I'm in the place, ya know? Great energy.

The drawbacks: Not much storage (no walk-in closets or built-ins), the swamp cooler is in the back of the house, and only two bedrooms.

In the next corner we have 12 Riesling, a three-bedroom home with a beautiful covered deck in the backyard that overlooks Reno. The house has had many beautifications added: the deck with built-in benches, the kitchen has been expertly painted (with a design - not stenciled), textured walls in the bathroom with imprints of leaves. Brand new linoleum in the bathrooms. Walk-in closet in the master, and two sheds in the backyard.

The drawbacks: the living room/sitting room is very small and is right in front of the entrance door. In other words, there is no separation. The current owners don't even have a couch in that room, and I can see why; there really isn't room for a couch. Their chairs are near the front door, because there is no other place for them to go. No central a/c, but there is a room unit in the front room. The master bathroom was remodeled...but they took out the beautiful garden tub that came with the place and replaced it with a looooong shower. Who would do that? Well, besides a disabled person, which the owner isn't. Mama needs her baths!

I honestly don't know which place to make an offer on. I have been agonizing over this decision for days. I feel rushed, because both places are so beautifully kept up that they are bound to go quickly. However, I can't seem to make up my mind.

I wish someone would just tell me which one I will be happiest in. I tried meditating on it. Magic. Etc. And I just don't have an answer.

I need one soon!

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Julie said...

Perhaps this is too simple of me, but when I have a choice like that I flip a coin. Heads, one house; tails the other house. If nothing else this lets me know immediately what I think after I see the result.

Good luck house hunting! You could always offer on both with a ton of contingencies and see which one comes back to you? Remember my mate is a realtor if you need any help or advice! xoxo